What I am learning?

As GTH Go To Hell podcast brings its first rounds out debates to a close. I have been learning more than I ever could have imagined from Facebook.

A. Facebook is slow. Time suck is a word used for Facebook a lot- I am not sure I can comment on that from a distraction stand point since I am obliged and set time aside for Faceboonto make GTH. However, lets look at the internet’s othe most popular social site pornhub. Pornhub loads dozens of interactive videos and ads in milliseconds without error. Facebook is not nearly as good- MIND YOU THIS- GTH GO TO HELL podcast will be doing episodes on the coding involved in Facebook. There really are some very impressive things happening on Facebook Ux and responsiveness with previews to videos, and unlimited file compatibility BUT it is the only website that I have to reload to make work; pages often dont load not for lack of time or internet but some error.

B. It is impossible to find anything. The site loves to hide information. It wants to point you to your friends and show the latest thing. This prevents any real website searching. One is better off googling “blank” + facebook to find stuff.

C.THE MOST FASCINATING BLOCK FEATURE ON THE INTERNET! To hear more about that- listen to the show.


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