Go To Hell Podcast lets loose its barbaric yelp

What is social media? This in your mind is either a hackneyed or obvious question. I have been searching for the answer to this for years. This explains why when I, while looking for a different bar than the crappy one I was in, almost fell to the floor laughing to find out Yelp has a social media function.

I feel somewhat awkward in explaining why I find this funny. I may have a buas of yelp being ridiculous but not enough to make me laugh at a social media function.

Perhaps it was thatI find any amateur criticism taking more than 1 minute out of someone life being insane.

Maybe, and most fascinatingly, it was due to everyone who had reviewed the miserable rinky dink bar I was at HAD 100s OF FRIENDS. 100s!

In the next week we will be competing to not only be better at Facebook on the podcast but also Yelp, so I’ll refrain from going too deep into the workings of yelp. However, GTH is not just about numbers. What I want to propose philosophicaly in this article is that perhaps yelp is the only worth while social media site.

Reviewing businesses is something we could talk about and disciuss everyday,. It would keep people engaged with local businesses….the list goes on and the more I contemplate yelp the more relevant I think it is. Considering we started using it for the show as a joke and I am already at deep contemplation, I think we are in for one weird saga.

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