Science has a weird place on facebook. I plan to make this a big part of our next saga. Mike Fallek writing here by the way.

Seemingly science reigns supreme on facebook. Not good science but the idea of science. A lot of people put forward this idea of facts being there primary motivator on facebook “articles” , links, spurious things written to look like published articles. As dismisive as I sound, I think this is mostly better than the age of the internet I remember where mostly emotional shouting won out.

Though the science is bad on Facebook, at least people are looking to facts.

What I feel isolated in, is that discussion of facts seem to be emotional. “Here’s a study, if you disagree I HATE YOU” is how a lot of posts operate.

Approachability is a word I, and GTH Go to Hell Podcast, would like to enter into the Facebook conversation. Many posts and discussion around them is volatile TnT. It isnt a matter of agreeing or disagreeing but pleasant or unpleasant.

Perhaps debate has been tainted by cut throat academics and radicals that the golden age of parlors and formal nice debate amoungst moral opposites has been forgotten?

Who can say, but it is something to think about and if you disagree I hate you.

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